Aspiring and Inspiring Youth Leaders

"Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones" - Shannon L. Alder


This program is about 10 european partners from various backgrounds teaming up to put together an inspiring leadership program for those youth leaders who are ready to make a next step toward a more senior function in the national or international sports world.


of the project
The desire is to tailor a comprehensive curriculum which will cover the multi functional sector of sports administration and governance. The result will be an european sport leadership training covering multiple days over a longer period where formal learning with on-the-job learning experiences will be combined.


Feb 2021

Project kickoff

Analysis of existing programmes, which will serve to undestand what is already existing "in the market". Primary scope is Europe, but also others will be taken into consideration. Insight analysis into youth expectations.

Aug 2021

Building of the national, regional modules

Framework/blueprint creation for the national grassroots module. Pilot module with guidelines and best practices, especially for countries with no or a few youth leaders. Planning regional module and define career pathways.

Mar 2022

Piloting and finalizing the modules

Preparation of the final version of the national grassroot module based on feedback. Piloting of the regional module with 6 youth leaders. Final version of the regional module.

Oct 2022

Creating awareness campaign

Developing guidelines on awareness raising and then deploy an awareness campaign. EHF Board approval meeting.

Aug 2023

Evaluation and finalization

Gathering project insights - key insights/findings pooled from participants on a regular basis and archived for future publishing/analysis Completing legacy document and deciding how to share it. Final evaluation.

Sep 2023

Project and stakeholder management


1st meeting

It is two weeks since we met for the first time or I would rather say that we saw each other, since it had to be done online. However, during […]

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The kickoff

With many things prepared in advance, all youth leaders and other partners are ready as well we may begin our three years journey. We start this week with our first […]

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