6th meeting Brussels

During our last session in Brussels we received the final outputs, presented by the various owners. The youthleaders had their last coaching session by Marjolein Torenbeek while the others discussed final inputs for the evaluation and legacy document. At the end of session we did a team review and evaluated the project after which we went for a joint dinner to celebrate the (what we believe is the) successful ending of the project.

We’re all committed to start the implementation next year and agreed that not only we delivered on the project objectives but also that it developed all of us personal and that as a spin off many see opportunities to continue collaboration in a new network we created.

Below the presentation from the session as well as some pictures of our final workgroup session in Brussels. A major thanks to the whole workgroup for their passion and energy they have put in this joint journey.



AIYL November 2023 Brussels Master Presentation