3rd meeting Cardiff

For the 4th meeting of the project Wales played host in a surprisingly warm Cardiff. The 78000 seat Principality Stadium made for an impressive venue, whilst Chloe and Lily gave us an insight into some of the Welsh culture to frame another effective meeting.


Day one

The first day commenced with a look at self-regulation and self-evaluation, with a particular focus on the youth leaders and how they approach skills they want to improve. After this initial discussion the group moved onto IO3 and creating an ideal candidate profile. Led by Thomas and Bartel, the group identified certain characteristics as integral to the programme, including:

  • Proficiency in English
  • Ambitious
  • Committed
  • Vision
  • Creative
  • Responsible

After lunch and a game of rounders organised by Chloe, Bartel presented two new modules for IO3, Sport Governance and Project Management. These new elements received a good reception with the modules engaging and relevant as well as being overall very interesting making for a good course.

Day two

Day 2 was begun with a brief recap of the previous day before swiftly moving onto a look at the pilots for IO2. Cameron initially gave an update to the content for the pilots before Chloe gave feedback from the pilot she had held in Wales. Overall, the feedback was positive with just a couple of minor tweaks to apply to the other pilots. An update of the scheduled pilots also followed to ensure all members of the project are on the same page.
This was followed by a presentation of the results of the career paths survey in relation to IO4 by Gino, looking at career development of members of various countries and federations.

The second day was ended with a brief overview of the next 12 months with all future meetings outlined to allow for the entire group to have a clear picture of the timescale we are working to.


AIYL Aug 2022 Cardiff Master Presentation