5th meeting Prague

During our meeting in Prague we looked at the final versions of the youth leadership model and the leadership programme we have been working on last 2 years. We especially were focusing on the implementation of the programmes and how to ensure all potential interested parties will know about these new opportunities.

We reviewed all the contacts all the group has in their network and the message how we will go out to the federations, clubs and young people to get them enthusiastic for the outputs. This year the grassroot model will be available and the youthleaders in the group will take a role into promoting this in other countries. All will receive a toolkit to work with including a handbook to help them out. The aim is to promote that more countries will start with a youth leadership panel in their country to give a voice to the next generation. Regarding the leadership programme, it will be possible to apply for individuals this year. We’re looking for around 8 to max 13 young ambitious people to join the programme.

Beginning next year we will organise a dragons den where it will be up to the interested young leaders to present themselves and their project they like to implement. During an 8 month programme they will have various online and offline sessions where they will get acquainted with various leadership areas focused at sport. We met in Pruhonice/Czech at Gino’s place where besides the hard work we had a change to get to know each other better and to talk about sports and other topics. The meeting coincided with the European Women Hockey championships which were going on in Prague so for some it was an opportunity to cheer for their team as well.

We will meet for the last session at the 29th of November in Brussels and have planned a sharing event on the 30th of November where we will invite the hockey family and various institutional stakeholders to share with them all the outputs of this Erasmus programme. Though the programme officially ends the end of the year, many in the group are committed to stay intensively connected the first year when it will be the official start of the leadership programmes. This is also a part of the legacy efforts which will be put in place to ensure a sustainable embedment.

AIYL August 2023 Prague Master Presentation