4th meeting Brussels

During the one day meeting in Brussels, the group discussed various topics related to the project and also relation to EHF and how to present it to the main project stakeholders.

The meeting started by presentation from Cameron and Cedric, who where presenting AIYL project to EHF the day before. Cameron presented timeline of IO2 and Cedric discussed feedback from pilots, including a module about leadership styles that featured Hitler, Obama, and another figure. The group discussed whether Hitler’s negative connotations outweighed the merits of using him as an example. They suggested making the module more modular to fit the characteristics of each leader and allow for a more balanced approach to the topic according to country the IO2 will be used for.

The group also noted the lack of a clear definition of leadership may be a little bit confusing for youth leaders. Cedric then gathered additional feedback for IO2 pilots output using the Six Thinking Hats method with the team divided to two groups.

Last part of the morning block was a brainstorming session focused on PR activities for this programme.

During the lunch break each member addressed these two questions on camera:

  • What did you learn from the joining this Erasmus programme?
  • Why should anybody work with the grassroot programme or join the leadership programme?

In the afternoon we moved on to IO4, thas was lead by Thomas. The group discussed a candidate profile made based on project memebers input from Cardiff meeting. The group discussed how the profile was created and suggested a timeline for IO4 part. They also discussed feedback on the projects, which would youth leaders provide in this part of the project, and how to select the perspective ones.


AIYL March 2023 Brussels Master Presentation